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Daily Dive Trips

  • We run 3 dive trips daily around all three Gilis with the boat leaving at 8.30 AM, 11.30 AM, 2.00 PM. 

  • Pricing: 1 dive: IDR 540,000

                      3 dive package: IDR 1,458,000

                       5 dive package: 2,295,000

If this is your first time diving on the island, there is a one-time tax fee of IDR 150,000 that goes to Gili Eco Trust, the Indonesian Government, and Marine Park. 

  • Inclusion: Dive equipment rental, Pre-dive briefing, small groups with no more than 4 people per guide, logbook session 

Dive Trip Details

  • Step 1: We set up the right equipment that is accustomed to your size

  • Step 2: Our instructors or guides will do a pre-dive briefing with you to go over information about the dive, the dive site, underwater hand signals and any specific instructions. 

  • Step 3: Grab your mask, fins and weight belt and let’s hop on the purple boat for a fun dive. 

  • Step 4: Enjoy the short boat ride (3- 15 minutes) to the dive site 

  • Step 5: Roll backwards into the water along with your guide. 

  • Step 6: Enjoy the feeling of zero gravity and explore the extravagant underwater world with us. Your dive will last up to an hour, depending on your air consumption. 

  • Step 7: Surface at the end of the dive and get back on the boat. Feel free to get a short sun tanning session on the sun deck before the boat gets us back to the dive shop. 

  • Step 8: Wash off the salt and dirt from the ocean with our outdoor showers.

  • Step 9: Logbook session. Record details about your dive and identify the marine life we spotted during the dive.

Dive Trip Summary: Each dive trip is a single tank trip and it takes about 2 hours from pre-dive preparation to getting back to the dive shop. 


Water temperature: The water temperature ranges from 27 degrees Celsius in July and August to 29 - 30 for the rest of the year.

Haven’t dived for a while?


​Scuba tune up: If you haven’t dived for 6 months and need a refresher course, scuba tune up is perfect for you. We will practice various underwater skills in the pool first before taking you out for a fun dive so you feel comfortable and confident in the open water. The price of a scuba tune up is IDR 850,000, which includes one pool session and one fun dive.

Night Dive

Night dives are available upon request. Price: IDR 660,000

Night dive is can be exhilarating. The unique experience from diving at night is completely different from dive during the day. During night dives, you will be provided with a torch in addition to other equipment that you would get during a day dive. What makes night dive special is that you can see the most bizarre critters sometimes at night that you will not see during daylight hours. The creatures that emerge during a night dive can be distinctly different from those that appear during a day dive. In addition, the colours seen during a night dive are more true to form than during a day dive. 

Diversia Diving



Jalan Raya Trawangan
Gili Trawangan
Lombok - NTB Indonesia

Phone:  +62 813 3960 7849

Email: info@diversiadiving.com

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